If YTB Stands For Your Travel Business Then Why Change My Compensation Plan?

The Good: YTB has a good discount travel package and as a RTA you get your own travel website to book travel. The cost to join is $ 449.95 and a 49.95 per month website fee. For each person you bring into the business you get $50.00 and also 60% of all the travel you book on your website. Before you say wow! that is only on the profit that you receive for the Company. You also can build teams to move up in YTB such as power teams and dream teams and you can receive a bonus and overrides on your teams. They have also teamed up with an Insurance Company to build a new type of income stream.The Bad: YTB refers to the reps as RTA referring travel agents many people think the day you join YTB you instantly become a Travel Agent.This could not be farther from the truth I was one of those people. I worked hard and I received a special card to let me book cruises I had to maintain so much booked travel per year to keep that card. This was YTB requirement not the Company I got the card from. As long as you paid your renewal fee they have no complaints at the other company. YTB like all other network marketing company wants you to use your warm market friends and family also in my opinion YTB has been known to change the compensation plan in favor of the Company not the RTA’s. So they have a lot of turnover in YTBThe Conclusion: This is my opinion based on the fact that I was an Agent with YTB and I paid all my fees to join and I did not receive any support from my up line. When I personally tried to call the cruise line and get a discount I was told that I had to go through YTB and then I was told no more discounts for the year. I was so done at that time you could stick a fork in me. So should you join YTB? I will let you be the Judge. I hope this helps this was only one persons view of the company, mine I did make a profit like $200.00 dollars over all. Would I do it again? the answer is simple no.