Five Top Ways to Find Perfect Travel Home Business

In the days when the travel industry is booming, everyone wants to have a piece of that trillion-dollar pie. Baby Boomers want to travel, retire with having more money, and help their kids financially. Baby Boomers have been looking for ways to create retirement plan, and some of them choose travel industry. Companies promoting travel discounts, travel agent programs, or just travel clubs are swiping the nation.Among dozens of travel business opportunities, what is the best way to choose the best travel business?There are few tips I would love to give when you are searching for the best fit.First of all, you have to decide if you want to build MLM business or direct sales business. It could be from a home-based travel agent program to selling timeshares or travel club memberships. MLM model takes time to build so you need to be prepared to dedicate your first 12 months to build the foundation. However, if you are looking for the way to get paid today, which I call it “GET PAID TODAY MODEL”, then you need to look at the companies that offer commissions from 500 dollars to 5000 dollars and more.Secondly, make sure the management team of the company has a good reputation in the business field, and also it is very important to remember that they do have travel professionals who will train you and assist you in becoming a travel agent professional. Ask questions about what kind of vendors they work with, what discounts travel agents get being with that particular company. Vendor Trainings are very vital in the travel agent business. Usually they are free, and it is best if they performed virtually in the comfort of your home.The last question I would ask is the commissions you will receive. Make sure it is at least 60% of the booking fees. Also ask what percentage certain vendor pay to that particular company. Some vendors like Caribbean cruises pay 5-15% to the Travel Company and you get paid 60-70% out of that.Third, find out what type of marketing they offer. Times changed and not many people want to do belly to belly networking. The technology allows now creating various pages, webinars, and online presentations to bring message to the audience. If you are an online person, you would not want to work with someone who does hotel meetings or home parties. You need to find the team that meets your goals and requirements and a sponsor who will guide and train you. Ask the person who introduced you to the business if you can attend the training calls, so you will know at what level of the professionalism it is done.Fourth, make sure there is a value in what you do and offer to people. You are in the business of serving others and not ripping people off. Travel is exciting, and it attracts people of all ages. There is no convincing here. Anyone can do travel business if they love traveling. Also no matter how much the start up costs for your travel business, care about your prospects and show them you are interested in them. They might build you million-dollar business! Invest your time in others and help them because it will pay off in the long run.At last, enjoy what you do. If you have passion toward travel business, then go for it.
Learn from the best, master your skills and become one of the best in your field. Travel is trillion dollars industry. Do you want a fat piece of it?

Getting Into Business Blogging and Avoiding the Pitfalls

Anyone who starts a company, a web design company, needs to get the word out, win respectability, get everyone to feel that they’ve always been around so that they will be trusted. If you are a startup, you probably don’t have the money you need to hire any PR, and there is no point putting the word out to hire a top salesman because the right talent wouldn’t work for a startup. One way to get people excited about your firm would be to get into business blogging. Even five years ago, if you started a blog, you were a hit right away. People would come on your forum and talk about stuff, and people would bring up the name of your business from time to time. It was great word-of-mouth. Today, starting a blog is more the rule than the exception. And yet, somehow, businesses get it wrong – almost all of them.Do they even realize that most business blogging can count just one member in its audience – the blogger himself? They fill the blog with picturess from the company’s Christmas party, information about what jobs they have open, you get the picture – stuff no one would be be interested in outside of the company itself. There is precious little to add to the blog every day too, and pretty soon, not only do readers have no interest in it, the company’s staff soon has no interest in maintaining it either. It doesn’t bring in any new interest in the company’s products, and it’s as good as not there.Compare that with how business blogging should really go. The owner of the startup is an expert in his field. His passion for his work, and the news he reads on his field inspire a lot of thoughts. These are the thoughts he would like to share on this blog, and they are well-written and intended to interest anyone who works in this field. Pretty soon, there are people coming in just to check out what he’s read recently and what his thoughts are on them. They post their comments, start threads of their own, and pretty soon there are lots of thoughtful experts in the field bringing traffic to the blog. Word of mouth begins, and soon, attention is drawn to the products of the business.Let’s say that you are running a travel startup. There’s only so much you can say about what kind of promotions there are on offer. Instead, start a blog about how travel to certain parts of the world help educate and enlighten. Or start a blog about the travel industry – what you’ve learned about running a travel business and what you don’t understand about it. Everything you read about the travel business every day, your thoughts on it and what doesn’t seem to make sense, could all go into your blog. If you start writing about the places you visited though, you’ll quickly begin running out of material.Of course, business blogging is done for the express purpose of promoting your main enterprise. In the beginning, when you’re desperately in need of promotion and advertising, the amount of time you invest in writing and maintaining the blog can be worth it. This may not be the case once your startup is up and running. Then, it will be time to close it down, to concentrate on the business you worked so hard to build up.

If YTB Stands For Your Travel Business Then Why Change My Compensation Plan?

The Good: YTB has a good discount travel package and as a RTA you get your own travel website to book travel. The cost to join is $ 449.95 and a 49.95 per month website fee. For each person you bring into the business you get $50.00 and also 60% of all the travel you book on your website. Before you say wow! that is only on the profit that you receive for the Company. You also can build teams to move up in YTB such as power teams and dream teams and you can receive a bonus and overrides on your teams. They have also teamed up with an Insurance Company to build a new type of income stream.The Bad: YTB refers to the reps as RTA referring travel agents many people think the day you join YTB you instantly become a Travel Agent.This could not be farther from the truth I was one of those people. I worked hard and I received a special card to let me book cruises I had to maintain so much booked travel per year to keep that card. This was YTB requirement not the Company I got the card from. As long as you paid your renewal fee they have no complaints at the other company. YTB like all other network marketing company wants you to use your warm market friends and family also in my opinion YTB has been known to change the compensation plan in favor of the Company not the RTA’s. So they have a lot of turnover in YTBThe Conclusion: This is my opinion based on the fact that I was an Agent with YTB and I paid all my fees to join and I did not receive any support from my up line. When I personally tried to call the cruise line and get a discount I was told that I had to go through YTB and then I was told no more discounts for the year. I was so done at that time you could stick a fork in me. So should you join YTB? I will let you be the Judge. I hope this helps this was only one persons view of the company, mine I did make a profit like $200.00 dollars over all. Would I do it again? the answer is simple no.