Electroencephalogram Technology

Hi all

I was surfing through some soft circuits when I saw this amazing EEG technology in action. All the stuff showed in Star Wars is reality now. Sci-Fi has been changed to an amazing technology. I was surprised to see how fast the technology is that within 5 to 6 years this technology has emerged a lot and is available as consumer electronic device. The customers are the programmers, developers of games, iPhones, mobile applications and it can be applied to almost all circumstances.

An EEG records the electrical activity of brain through electrodes affixed to the subject’s scalp. A computer program then record the brain activity in a wave form, obviously not understandable by all, but still it is very useful.

EEG is used in medical and scientific field extensively.

In medicine it is used to control tumors, epilepsy, stroke, sleep disorders, schizophrenia and many brain related problems.

For scientists it is a great thing to control robots using brain activity. All the fruit we are enjoying is hard work of scientist

EEG controlled wheel chairs have been developed and in robotics the development is far flung.

In biological terms we call this technology endeavouring the phenomenon of neuro-feedback. Our brain send out electrical impulses which are recorded by electrodes connected to the subject’s scalp. It is attached to a computer via serial cable and a device driver tracks the signals and waveforms. After that it can be further programmed and refined according to interests to make whatever we like that can be a brain controlled RC helicopter or maybe a real brain controlled drone. Now time is travelling ahead of future, I mean to say present looks ahead of future. EEG will be a developers and hobbyists’ device in no time. Still it is expensive so because of no competition but slowly as the technology is going to evolve it will be a necessity just like mobiles.

Open source systems has developed its roots in technology grounds as hackers have defeated many copyrights. lol.

An Open EEG project is running and doing a nice work in EEG technologies and soon it will give some good results.

Controversy on this EEG devices is that it may involve risks and hazardous effects to brain and for some people it may cause some serious trouble. When we are talking context of technology then hazards are almost neglected or accepted as they are. Mobile phones are hazardous we use it, CRT displays are risky, we use it. Headphones damage ears still we use them. Even keyboard can cause trouble to wrists but we are left with no other choice and we don’t want ourselves to be helped out because gadgets addiction is pleasing.

The Emotiv EPOC is consumer grade EEG head set available with software and ready to program technology.

Time is in near future to enjoy brain controlled things just like mobiles. Star Trek is reality.